established in 2011

I started teaching dance fitness in 2011 when I found myself overweight, depressed, and miserable. 

After battling infertility, miscarriages and weight gain from the stress of it all, I found myself lost and looking for more, looking for some sort of connection to life again. I found Zumba where I began to love life again and started making new connections with other women who were also searching to find their place in the world. This is really where it sparked it all. I realized I had to make many changes so I started by seeing a natural path doctor who I had been seeing since I was 11 years old. She suggested I make some very drastic dietary changes including testing the waters of a gluten free (GF) diet; my body was screaming at me to start taking care of it! I lost 20 lbs in the first 2 weeks of going GF! I started making baby steps into healthy and I found a new passion for cooking! 

Then I was approached by my dance fitness instructor to become a certified Zumba instructor and sub for her. She saw something in me I didn’t. So reluctantly I jumped in and found that I rather enjoyed my new found passion of teaching others, on a stage, to find a better version of themselves by having fun and making connections again! 

In 2015 I added a higher level of fitness to my dance and began shaping my body in a way i never had. This incorporated dance, cardio and bootcamp type movements to music and it was so fun! I began really dialing in my fitness and nutrition and I was in the best shape of my life! I started getting really creative with healthy eating and making so many recipes that everyone loved!

In 2017 I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, after 7 miscarriages over a 12 year period, an amazing miracle and gift from God. During that pregnancy I had gained 96 lbs! It was time to get back to me! I put myself on hold for too long to be a mother and house wife, only to realize I wasn’t actually doing anyone any favors by not taking care of me. 

In order to be the best mom, wife, etc. I needed self-care to really show up for them and for me. It was time to start working on me again! 

I look forward to sharing more and getting to know you; Sharing in your journey as we unlock your potential and step into your future!

Cassie Steele -
CEO and founder of fit-ovation


To help anyone who is searching for more; to unlock their potential and step into their future!


Helping men, women, and children open their mind to their greatest potential, realizing they are already the greatest version of themselves.