Behind every failure, there is growth. 

Behind every failure, there is a resolution trying to reveal itself. 

Behind every resolution, there’s a new action trying to take place. 

And behind every action, there’s a new approach to life trying to be born. 

That new approach to life, could be your calling being born.  And who knows how this calling might influence you, the world, and those around you.

Cassie Steele

Where do i start....

This is a place where I hope you are inspired to unlock your potential and step into your future. A place where recipes and cooking tips make choosing healthy a little easier and taste a thousand times better. A place where you dance like no one is watching, truly laugh out loud (LOL), and where you will just begin to be you!

 Life is like an hourglass. You know there are thousands of grains of sand in the top of the hourglass; they all will pass eventually through the narrow neck of the middle. You cannot change HOW the grains of sand move through the neck…… No one can force more than one grain of sand through the narrow neck of the hourglass without breaking the structure. We are all like this hourglass…..we need to take one task at a time, letting each one pass, without force, like the grains of sand, let them pass slowly and evenly, enjoying the beauty of the present.

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Life is really just beginning.......

Even though I began my journey here on this plant 39 years ago, I have only just begun to realize my true purpose. I am a self-taught cook, self-taught dancer, and always open to learning and exploring new things. 
I started cooking with my mom as a young girl and she taught me so many things! But when I really began to find my passion for cooking was when I was 70 pounds overweight, depressed and physically hurting from all of the ailments I was experiencing. That was in 2009. I found out I had a gluten intolerance and began to try new foods and found out very quickly, gluten free (GF) did not taste good, back then at least. So I started with simple recipes and began to learn what it meant to be gluten free. As I started losing I was able to move more and began to take a local Zumba class and fell in love with dance, for the umpteenth time! Within the year my instructor was encouraging me to become an instructor, at first I was scared and said no. But she was persistent and by July 2011 I was a certified Zumba instructor and started teaching twice a week and still attending 3 times a week. Fast forward to 2015, I had started really loving health and fitness, I was teaching 12 classes of dance fitness a week at one point and I had created a ton of my own recipes.  People started asking me to share my knowledge! I knew through these last 10 years there was a cook book in the works, I just never made my dreams a priority, until now! I have always had a passion to inspire people and I really began to do that when I started inspiring myself!

When I gained 96 lbs. in my pregnancy in 2016, I had to start all over and learn to love myself again. That is what has led me to this point! I am remembering who I am again. I have started that cook book, soon to be released in 2022! And I am offering dance fitness again, online and in person. And I have two more books, in the works, one is near and dear to my heart,  about my “soul-dog’ who passed away 3 years ago!